Wildlife Corridor

The fire trail between Woronora Heights and Woronora is parts of an important local and regional fauna corridor. This corridor provides connectivity between Heathcote National Park, the Holsworthy Military Reserve, Still Creek and Woronora Valley to the north, to Forbes and Loftus Creeks, the Sydney Water Catchment Lands and Royal National Park to the south. This wildlife corridor is especially important during times of disturbance, eg bushfire, as it allows movement of fauna from a bushfire site and movement of fauna back into the area after fire.

Visit the Sutherland Shire Environmental Centre for more information on the Wildlife Corridor

Visit Sutherland Shire Green Web for more information

Here is a Green Web Brochure that highlights the importance of the Woronora Fire Trail to the Green Web.

Wildlife Corridor and Green Web overlooking Woronora RiverĀ 

Green Web and Wildlife Corridor

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