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Council Reaffirms its Commitment to Keep the Fire Tail closed to Traffic.

At the full council meeting on 24th June 2013 a Mayoral Minute reaffirmed Sutherland Council’s commitment to not support the opening of a public road between Woronora Heights and Woronora Valley. The Mayoral minute also recognised the Fire Trails importance as a wildlife corridor.
To view the Mayoral minute click the link below
Woronora Heights Access Road Mayoral Minute.
To view the associated newspaper article in the Leader click the link below
Fire Trail to Remain Off Limits Article.

 Maintenance of Footpaths

The Association wrote to councilors requesting improvements to the maintenance of the estate. In particular the Association was concerned with cracked footpaths that had caused uneven heights. This resulted in trip hazards to pedestrians. One of the photos sent to council is shown below.  We are please to see that removal of the trip hazards are underway.

Estate Maintenance

 One of our members (thank you for your hard work Brian) has compiled a detailed photographic file of areas of the estate that require maintenance, e.g. damaged footpaths, signs, fences and railings. We have approached councillors requesting for council attention to these and for a commitment to better maintenance of our suburb in the future.   It is pleasing to see that this maintenance has now commenced.

Barriers on Bundanoon Road

In response to our requests to improve the conditions along Bundanoon Road, especially with kerb and guttering, Council has now completed installation of guard rails, as we requested. Kerb and guttering is being considered by Council.


At the AGM, based on resident’s feedback, the association adopted the following policy in relation to the Deepwater issue.
1. Woronora Heights Residents’ Association is opposed to opening the fire trails to Deepwater estate for use by residential vehicles
2. Levy money from Woronora Heights should not be used for access to Deepwater Estate.

Levy Money

In consultation with our Association, Clr Val Sugden proposed a motion at the Council meeting on 20 November to the effect that our levy money be spent on road works along Bundanoon Road and in Engadine to improve road conditions and traffic flow, for the benefit of the residents of Woronora Heights and Engadine (in keeping with the purpose of improving access to our estate).
While Council has approved a review of this proposal, we were astonished that some councillors spoke in support of using some of our levy money to upgrade the fire trails to Deepwater Estate. In the subsequent vote, Val’s motion was amended to say that the report on road infrastructure relating to using the levy money should include investigating access to Deepwater.
We understand that no levy money was paid by developers or residents of Deepwater Estate. It would be outrageous to use our levy money on works that would not benefit our residents, and that many residents clearly view as being detrimental to our estate!
We would welcome suggestion to be put to council on how the levy money could be best used to service the Woronora Height’s community. Suggestion may be sent to whra@ozemail.com.au

Traffic Improvements in Engadine

Woronora Height Resident’s Association has long support and lobbied for improvements to the intersections of Anzac Ave, Old Princes Hwy and Princes Hwy. Some improvement to the turning lane off the Princes Hwy has been recently implemented. Further improvements are underway.
Details of the plans can be seen on the link below
Proposed Improvement Engadine
Special thank you to Paul McLeay for supporting these improvements.

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